7 Misunderstandings of Old House Renovation

7 Misunderstandings of Old House Renovation
First, use environmentally friendly materials
When renovating an old house, don’t think that environmentally friendly materials are the same as ordinary materials. It is best to replace old materials with environmentally friendly materials, such as wall paint, floor, and water pipes. Environmentally friendly wall paints are not only environmentally friendly and pollution-free, some also have the functions of removing formaldehyde and bacteria.
Reminder: No smell does not mean no pollution! Many people have a misunderstanding in the decoration. Only if there is a pungent smell after the decoration, there is no pollution. Among the toxic and harmful gases, some are colorless and tasteless, such as “radon”. They are called “lung cancer killers” and form radioactive pollution in the air. These odorless pollutions are easy to accumulate and are generally difficult to detect, but they are quietly threatening. For your health.
Second, the floor can be renovated
You must know that laminate flooring cannot be refurbished, because there is a layer of aluminum oxide wear-resistant layer on its surface. Refurbishing the floor will destroy its wear-resistant layer and increase the aging of the floor. Solid wood flooring, parquet and bamboo flooring with a surface thickness of 4 mm can be refurbished. Because in the process of renovation, the wooden floor will be polished off by 1-2 mm, if it is too thin, the middle layer will be exposed and affect the use. And compared with repurchasing the floor, the old floor adapts to the indoor environment, has better stability, and the renovation cost is much cheaper.
Third, use water circuits and gas pipelines if they can be used
Water circuit renovation is one of the most complicated projects in old house renovation. Before decoration, check the original waterways and gas pipelines for corrosion and aging. Most of the waterways in old houses use galvanized iron pipes and aluminum-plastic pipes, but the galvanized iron pipes for waterways are easily corroded and harmful to human health. The aluminum-plastic pipe fittings are easy to fall off, and water seepage causes hidden dangers in later use. Therefore, PPR pipes are used more now, which is environmentally friendly and has a longer service life. It should be noted that the pressure test is required after the construction of the new pipeline is completed. For dangerous pipelines such as gas pipelines, please ask professionals to conduct inspections.
Fourth, refresh paint on old walls
Even if there is no leakage or peeling on the wall of the old house, it must be re-primed when refurbishing. Painting directly on the wall may cause the paint to fall off. Generally, the waterproof base layer must be made before proceeding. Paint, this can better extend the life of the wall.
Fifth, socket layout
Nowadays, more and more household appliances are used, and the demand for sockets is also increasing. It is often difficult for old houses to meet the current demand in socket design. Therefore, when decorating, everyone will think of leaving more sockets, but how to arrange them? It is necessary to plan the location of the home in advance, so that the reserved sockets are not unreasonable and unusable. Finally, the home is full of exposed wire strips, which are not beautiful and pose safety risks.