A common variety of washbasins

A common variety of washbasins.
First, corner washbasin because of the corner washbasin covers a small area, generally suitable for smaller bathrooms, after installation so that the bathroom has more room for manoeuvre.
Second, ordinary washbasin suitable for general decoration of the bathroom, economical and practical, but not beautiful.
Third, vertical washbasin is suitable for small areas of the bathroom. It can be matched with high-end interior decoration and other luxury sanitary ware.
Fourth, there are along the table washbasin and no edge of the desktop washbasin suitable for the space of the larger decoration of the more high-end bathroom use, counter tops can be made of marble or granite materials.
Washbasins generally open three types of holes, namely, water inflow holes, spill-proof holes and drain holes. In order to fill the washbasin with water, the drain hole must be blocked, the drain hole is generally attached with a special plug, some plugs can be directly opened or closed, and some with the tap attached to the lever control.
Depending on how many holes are opened into the washbasin, the washbasin is also porous, single-hole and three-hole.
A holeless washbasin with a tap should be mounted on a countertop or on a wall behind a washbasin; a cold and hot water pipe for a single-hole washbasin is connected to a single-handle tap through a hole, with a wire tap at the bottom of the tap and a nut fixed to the hole.
Three-hole washbasin can be equipped with a single-handle hot and cold water tap or double-handled hot and cold water tap, hot and cold water pipe through the holes left on both sides of the eye connected to the two ends of the tap, the tap also with nuts and washbasin fixed.