Acceptance Standards for Decoration Water and Electricity

Acceptance Standards for Decoration Water and Electricity
1. Acceptance of upper and lower water pipelines
1. The quality of water supply and drainage pipe materials and water pipe fittings must meet the current national standards, with the name of the manufacturer, the brand, the product certificate, and the warranty certificate.
2. The pipeline should be installed with special tools, and the pipe mouth must be beveled on the aluminum-plastic pipe with a standard reamer to prevent damage to the double-layer retainer inside the copper joint and no leakage.
3. The installation position of various valves should meet the design requirements and be easy to use and maintain.
4. The connection between the pipeline and the pipeline and the valve should be tight. The pipeline should be connected by thread. There should be exposed threads at the connection. The installation should be fixed with a pipe clamp in time, and there should be no leakage.
5. Valves and faucets should be installed in a correct position, flexible and convenient to use, unimpeded water flow, and normal water meter operation. Under the premise of satisfying the use, the valve, water meter, etc. can be in a relatively hidden position or properly decorated on the surface.
2. Acceptance of electrical and electrical appliances
Each household should be equipped with a household distribution box, even if a household has two similar suites, they cannot be combined at will.
1. The wire is discharged horizontally and vertically, fixed with a metal wire clamp, and the wire connection box should be fixed with metal sodium. No scratches on the surface of the wire.
2. The electrical piping in the ceiling should be set up as exposed pipes, and the piping should not be fixed on the hanger or keel of the ceiling. Generally, hoses are not used. The metal hose itself should be grounded. The wires of various strong and weak currents shall not be exposed in the ceiling.
3. The grounding protection should be reliable, and the insulation resistance between the wires and the ground should be greater than 0.5 mΩ.
4. Switches and sockets must have a cassette, the surface of the box is flat, the appearance is intact, the insulation equipment has no cracks, the installation is firm, and the installation method meets the requirements. The switches, sockets, and terminal boxes installed side by side must be neatly arranged and firmly installed, except for installation according to regulations.
5. The leakage switch must be installed correctly, the action is normal, the sensitivity test meets the requirements, and it is too sensitive, too frequent or too overloaded to start the trip.
6. Leakage switches, electrical appliances, equipment installation manuals, certificates, warranty cards are complete, and the basis for acceptance shall be provided accordingly.