Advantages and disadvantages of bamboo and wood furniture

Advantages of bamboo and wood furniture:
1. Green and environmental protection, natural materials: bamboo materials can adjust indoor humidity, absorb ultraviolet rays, anti-static, and are beneficial to human health. Especially after the sheet is deeply carbonized, it is processed into a permanent colorless, which can strengthen the effect of adsorbing harmful gases in the room.
2. High-temperature cooking and three-proof treatment: complete sterilization through high-temperature cooking, which is different from traditional bamboo furniture craftsmanship, and fundamentally prevents insects and enzymes. Strict control of high pressure and moisture content, and scientific techniques such as crisscross arrangement ensure that bamboo furniture surpasses solid wood in preventing cracking and deformation.
3. Fresh and beautiful, noble and elegant: the color of bamboo is natural, elastic, moisture-proof, and high in hardness. Kangdian bamboo furniture has made a bold breakthrough in furniture style design, and has integrated Chinese classics on the basis of retaining the traditional streamlined shape of bamboo furniture. Furniture elements. Realize the perfect combination of fashion and environmental protection.
Disadvantages of bamboo and wood furniture:
It is more prone to insects, mildew, and deformation and cracking due to environmental influences. If bamboo and wood furniture is processed in a reasonable manner to control the moisture content of the material, and the surface paint process is done, this problem can basically be eliminated. It is the most durable furniture product.