Advantages and disadvantages of cement cabinets

As the name suggests, cement cabinets are cabinets built with cement and ceramic tiles. The colors of the cement cabinets are well matched, and the craftsmanship is very beautiful.
Advantages of cement cabinets
Before the whole cabinet was not popular, many families chose cement cabinets.
1. The cabinet made of cement has good bearing capacity, is difficult to damage, and is durable.
2. The price of cement cabinets is much cheaper than whole cabinets, which is very economical.
3. All parts can be selected by themselves, and then made by the decorator. The quality is more assured, and if the design is good, a good decorative effect can also be achieved.
4. The waterproof effect of cement cabinets is better, but the overall cabinets are far behind.
Disadvantages of cement cabinets
1. Because it is not designed and produced by professional designers, the aesthetics is not as good as the overall cabinet under normal circumstances.
2. The effect of cement cabinets depends entirely on the decoration master. If the master’s craftsmanship is not good enough, there are defects in the production, and rework is very troublesome and will bring great inconvenience to future use.
Cement cabinet production process:
1. Lay bricks in proportion to your own design
2. Pay attention to the direction of water pipes, gas pipes, wires, etc. and keep them in place
3. Design the location of the sink
4. Use wood board to build a mold and cast in-situ cement countertops
5. The cement dries out for about 7 days, remove the board
6. You can paste kitchen wall tiles at the same time