Advantages and disadvantages of painted door panels

Advantages and disadvantages of painted door panels
First, the advantages of the paint door
   1. There is no edge banding, and it is divided into single-sided baking varnish and double-sided baking varnish. The waterproof part is painted with edge-sealing paint, and the surface is glossy.
  2, the overall effect is good, no oil stains. Generally divided into bright, matte, and pearl. The most visual impact.
  3, high-grade and non-variable type can be used as bathroom cabinet, easy to clean and improve the brightness of the room.
  4. Spray paint: It is a door panel made of polyester paint through spraying process, no need to bake the surface, and it will have a matte effect after being made. The baking varnish can generally produce more than 30 colors. The best baking varnish process is Italy.
Two, the shortcomings of the paint door
The shortcomings of the paint door are high craftsmanship requirements, high scrap rate, and high price; care must be taken when using it, afraid of bumps and scratches, once it is damaged, it is difficult to repair, and it needs to be replaced as a whole; kitchens with more oily smoke Chromatic aberration easily occurs in the medium. It is more suitable for young and high-end consumers who have high requirements on appearance and quality and pursue fashion.
   Be careful when cleaning, do not use steel wire to scrub, so as not to leave scratches and the scratches are too heavy to be repaired, and the powdery substance will fall off by gravity impact.
Paint door panel production process
The cabinet baking paint door panel is made of medium density board as the base material, after the surface is sanded and the four sides are polished, and then sprayed on the surface, and baked in the oven. The production process of the baking paint door panel is as follows: MDF-sanding and polishing-sealing paint-baking-baking dry sanding and polishing-the first primer-drying, the same process is done eight times, and the paint is sealed once. Primer twice, top coat three times, and clear coat twice. Stepped painting, baking, polishing, dust removal, polishing and other treatments at different temperatures in the tunnel paint booth.