Advantages and disadvantages of rattan furniture

Advantages and disadvantages of rattan furniture
Advantages of rattan furniture
Rattan is a kind of natural material, which is strong and light, not afraid of extrusion, flexible and elastic. The rattan furniture made of it is also very strong and durable. Modern rattan art furniture is mainly made of bamboo and rattan, and forms different patterns and patterns through various weaving techniques and techniques, which changes the simple and crude framework in the past and becomes more exquisite and beautiful.
Among all the rattan art furniture, the living room furniture is the most style of rattan art furniture. The living room furniture woven with rattan core shows the beauty of simple craft in modeling and color, with smooth lines, delicate and soft touch; dining room furniture pays more attention to the collocation of structure and color, and the tables and chairs made with rattan have the flavor of the times, giving people a strong and mellow feeling; Rattan study furniture in the shape is often more fresh and beautiful, with cushioned rattan chair with simple small bookshelf, floor book frame, very harmonious and beautiful.
Rattan furniture also has the health and environmental protection, natural and fresh, but also has good air permeability, comfortable and practical, not easy to mold, easy to clean, environmental protection, UV resistance and other characteristics.
Disadvantages of rattan furniture
1. It is not suitable for long-term immersion or high-temperature baking; it should be strictly away from sharp tools in use; when moving furniture, it should be moved under the bottom, and can not be dragged; the furniture should be placed horizontally, otherwise it is easy to deform; do not jump on rattan furniture;
2. It is greatly affected by the change of seasons;
3. With short service life and long service life, a small amount of rattan wrapping parts may be loose.