Advantages and disadvantages of steel-wood interior doors

Advantages and disadvantages of steel-wood interior doors
Advantages of steel-wood interior doors
1. When understanding the disadvantages of steel-wood doors, let’s take a look at its advantages first! Steel and wooden doors generally use color-matching technology, so the product styles are varied, the color is rich, and it has a strong sense of art and three-dimensionality. It can be used in a variety of decoration styles to experience a perfect quality of life.
2. The structure of the steel-wood door is a bit special, and because of its special body structure, the hardness of the steel-wood door is relatively higher than that of the ordinary door, so the appearance is relatively strong, not easy to damage, and can be used for a long time.
3. The steel-wood door is a combination of steel and wood, but its wood is inside the door, which is a kind of filler, and the steel is outside. Everyone knows that the shape of steel is not very beautiful, and the feel is not very good. However, the steel-wood door has undergone a series of manufacturing processes, so that the product feels very good, and the color is not only rich, but also very full.
4. The steel-wood door is more practical, it has the functions of moisture-proof and mothproof, and it is also very easy to take care of. If we can take good care of it, it can be used for a long time!
Disadvantages of steel-wood interior doors
1. The bulk of steel, don’t need to say that everyone should know it too! The most important component of steel-wood doors is steel. It is conceivable that the weight of steel-wood doors is higher than other doors, and this also creates certain problems in the installation of steel-wood doors. If the door cover and hinges If the requirements are not enough, the effect of the steel-wood door installation is not enough. So remember the shortcomings of this steel-wood door!
2. Although the steel-wood door has many production processes, it will not be painted, and this is a highlight of it, but after the steel-wood door meets the paint-free door cover, the problem arises, so we are giving When looking for a partner, you must be careful!
3. The shortcomings of steel-wood doors are reflected in some small aspects, but if we don’t pay attention to it, it will harm our interests. The production process of steel and wooden doors is not very complicated, so the degree of standardization of its products is lacking. In today’s huge market, if we do not master certain purchasing skills, we may encounter inferior products.
4. The special structure of steel-wood door makes it not very good in anti-collision function. It is easy to make horizontal products become uneven, which affects the overall effect of the product, and the steel plate still has a certain degree of hardness. It is difficult to restore the original appearance.