Advantages of ecological door

In order to live in harmony with nature, more and more nature-based buildings or furniture products have been developed, and ecological doors are one of them. The ecological door is made of recyclable materials, and is a product that is less harmful to the human body and can reduce environmental damage.
Advantages of ecological door:
1. Ecological door is a door made of wood doors or composite doors that are recycled and processed from raw materials after production. Such doors not only contain no toxic substances, but are also environmentally friendly and healthy doors. The important thing is that it makes full use of raw materials and achieves energy-saving effects.
2. The ecological door complies with the international green environmental protection standards, and its substrate performance is very stable, does not crack or deform, and at the same time has environmental protection and health functions. The wood grain technology of the ecological door is completely based on the solid wood door, the effect is very real, the surface wood grain is clear and layered, the color is bright, and it is not easy to fall off and change color.
3. In terms of structural materials, the door cover and door edge of the ecological door are made of high-tech aluminum-magnesium-titanium alloy materials, and the surface is treated with anodizing, which has a certain degree of hardness, so that it is resistant to wear, pressure, deformation and resistance. There is a certain improvement in fading, and it has a longer service life than ordinary wooden doors.
4. The surface of the ecological door leaf panel has many unique style patterns, painted, embossed, sanded, and even personalized picture production surfaces, which provide consumers with a lot of freedom to choose.
Disadvantages of ecological door:
Since the launch of the ecological portal, it has always been well received. The decoration styles of the Chinese are mostly Chinese and European. Only a few fashionable young people adopt pure modern styles to match, and most of them are resisted by the simple shape and cold feel of ecological doors, and they are also discouraged by the high prices of ecological doors.