Advantages of LCD splicing wall

55 inch LCD splicing wall
1. The 5.5m (screen to screen) of the groundbreaking ultra-narrow panel creates an almost seamless splicing display wall;
2. The 5.5mm LCD splicing screen has an ultra-high contrast ratio of 3000:1, a WXGA physical resolution of 1360×768, a brightness of 700cd/㎡, 16.77 million colors, and a 16:9 cinema playback widescreen to ensure the richness of the display color, regardless of The light is bright and dark, and the picture quality is still clear;
3. The brand-new “super wide viewing angle extension technology” (S-PVA&S-IPS) creates a viewing angle of 178 degrees, which can be viewed in all directions;
4. Optional color calibration solution to ensure color consistency and high authenticity on single and multiple screens, creating a completely matching image mosaic environment;
6. The large-screen display system has the characteristics of high reliability, high stability, etc., supports 365 days of non-stop work throughout the year, and the service life can reach more than 60,000 hours;
7. The BSV-TFM46/HS display unit has rich application interfaces to meet different signal input requirements, such as composite video, component video, RGBHV, VGA, DVI, etc. Multiple input interfaces allow maximum compatibility and flexibility when the product is activated; the splicing scale is not limited, and the maximum can be expanded to 256 screens;
8. The superior performance and reasonable price have been widely welcomed at home and abroad, providing a full range of solutions for users in security monitoring, advertising media, financial transportation and other fields.