African pear wood price

African pear wood grows in tropical rainforests in West and East Africa, and in tropical regions in Central and West Africa. Its good mechanics, durability, wear resistance, advanced carpentry, furniture and cabinets ideal materials.
African pear wood price.
African eucalyptus: African eucalyptus is produced in Nigeria, Congo (Bu), Congo (DRC), Ghana, Gabon, Angola, Cameroon and other places. The anatomical properties of African eucalyptus are very similar to between the pear trees of the Southern Ocean region. The material is hard, the weight is medium corrosion-resistant, the durability is high, the heart is orange-brown to dark red, often with dark stripes, scratches are visible, the wood grain is straight or staggered, the texture is uneven, the wood shaving or wood chips are water-soaked liquid fluorescence, the aroma is slightly light. Mainly used in decoration, mosaic, high-level decorative wooden flooring. This African eucalyptus pear wood is about 20,000 yuan per cubic meter.  Angolan eucalyptus: Angolan eucalyptus is produced in Africa, which is also a kind of yaw pear wood, some people also call it African alfalme. Its edge material color light gray or yellow, heart material color variation is large, from brown to purple brown, sometimes with dark stripes, wood has a luster, has a faint aroma; The price is 12,000 yuan/m3-14000.