Aluminium-wrapped wooden doors and windows

Aluminium-wrapped wooden doors and windows.
1, European-style solid wood windows.
Pure solid wood doors and windows using the German V68 series, its profile is pure solid wood smooth-grained integrated material, has a high pressure and folding strength. In addition, the use of German outdoor special window paint for the drawing layer, forming a good anti-deformation and anti-aging ability. Including the use of hollow glass, two-way sealing effect and the well-known European “pressure and type” hardware configuration, compared to other popular today’s famous materials doors and windows, with special insulation, sound insulation and decorative effects. Its coating color can pattern customer requirements to adapt to different home styles.
2, German-style aluminum-wrapped wooden windows.
European aluminum-wrapped wooden doors and windows are frames made of aluminum alloy profiles by mechanical method under the premise of retaining the characteristics and functions of pure solid wood doors and windows. The two materials are connected by polymer nylon parts, which fully take care of the different properties of wood and metal shrinkage coefficients. Exterior aluminum interior wood, to achieve the effect of double decoration, indoor is warm, elegant solid wood doors and windows, outdoor from the intuitive is noble, luxurious aluminum alloy doors and windows, its aluminum alloy surface can be sprayed with a variety of colors to adapt to different architectural styles.
3, Italian wood-wrapped aluminum doors and windows.
Italian wood-wrapped aluminum doors and windows will be insulation (broken bridge) aluminum alloy doors and windows and the main characteristics of solid wood doors and windows combined into one, and environmental protection, decorative, energy-saving and higher than aluminum alloy doors and windows, its main force structure is insulation bridge aluminum alloy. Inner wood can be based on customer requirements, a wide range of choices, can be used conifer class, can also use broadleat class, reflecting the harmony of nature, full of nature’s charm. External aluminum can use fluorocarbon after electrostectrectectecture spraying, electrophoresis and other treatment methods, its structure is strong, beautiful and generous. Overall, the door pane is compatible and affordable.