Aluminum gusset ceiling

Aluminum gusset ceiling is a common ceiling method in modern home decoration. Aluminum gusset ceiling is not only very beautiful, but also easy to clean. The price is more affordable compared with gypsum board ceiling. Therefore, aluminum gusset ceiling is the first choice for owners. Ceiling method. Aluminum gusset ceilings are highly adaptable to the environment and can be used for a long time in humid environments. Therefore, their most widely used applications are in kitchens and bathrooms.
How to install aluminum gusset ceiling
The installation process of aluminum gusset ceiling mainly includes: spring line → install main keel boom → install main keel → install secondary keel → install side aluminum bars → install aluminum gusset → install lamps and vents.
One, elastic thread
According to the floor elevation level, use the ruler vertical vector to reach the ceiling design elevation, bounce the keel position line on the roof, and bounce the ceiling elevation level on the wall.
Second, install the main keel boom
After the elevation level of the ceiling and the main keel position line are played, determine the elevation of the lower head of the boom. According to the position of the main keel and the hanging distance, fix the bolt-free end of the boom under the floor with expansion bolts; the boom is 6m Rebar (8mm flat steel).
Three, install the main keel
Assemble the boom nuts, pre-sign the hanging parts on the main keel, insert the main keel of the assembled hanging parts into the corresponding boom bolts according to the position of the dividing line, tighten the nuts, and connect the main keel. Install connectors, adjust the elevation and level by pulling the wire, attach the main keel to the hole, set and connect the clamp.
Fourth, install the secondary keel
According to the secondary keel bin line that has been played, the secondary keel triangle hanging pendant is clamped. Wooden keel is used, and the spacing between the secondary keels is 600mm. According to the specified distance between the main keels, the secondary keel is suspended on the main keel through the triangle On the keel; when the length of the secondary keel needs to be extended by multiple keels, use the secondary keel connector to connect while hanging the secondary keel, straightening and fixing.
Five, install side aluminum bars
The specifications of the side aluminum strips are: 25mm*25mm. The elevation of the suspended ceiling requires that the side aluminum strips be fixed with cement nails around the wall.
Six, install aluminum gusset
When installing the ceiling aluminum gusset, press lightly in the order of the flanging position, and after the two sides of the square plate are fully inserted into the secondary keel, then push it tightly. It is strictly forbidden to load and unload brutally; According to design requirements, 600mm*600mm punched aluminum gusset is used for the suspended ceiling of this project.
Seven, install lamps and vents
According to the ceiling plan, arrange the lamps and vents; while installing the aluminum gusset, make holes according to the size of the lamps and vents, and install the lamps and vents.