American country style

The American classical country style has a strong rustic atmosphere, and takes enjoyment as the highest principle. On the fabric and leather of the sofa, the comfort is emphasized, and it feels loose and soft. The furniture is represented by the colonial period and is bulky and heavy. The cushions are also enlarged, completely democratizing the best furniture of the former European royal family and nobles, which is stylish and practical.

The characteristic of American country style is the same as all country styles, the most basic is to embody natural integration.
Also: 1. Expressing free, unrestrained, wild,
2. Free, peaceful, and inherited.
The size of the American home style should be too large and tall, and the old-fashioned treatment can increase the sense of time. The original intention is reflected in the heritage of the old-fashioned home, which contains human emotion. Decorative elements of iron art are also often used in country style. Small floral fabric sofas or pure cowhide brown sofas are matched with short pile carpets. Wooden tea table, antique floor tiles and other materials are quite strong. In terms of accessories, leather, solid wood, iron art, and distressed wallpapers are also used. The tone is mainly neutral colors and bright colors should not be used. The chroma is warm and suitable.

American style, as the name suggests, is the decoration and decoration style from the United States. It is the most famous representative style in the colonial style, and in a sense has become synonymous with the colonial style. The United States is a country of immigrants. The people of European countries and all ethnic groups came to the American colonies, bringing the decoration and furniture styles of all ethnic groups and regions to the United States. At the same time, due to the vast land and resources of the United States, the immigrants’ desire for size was greatly relaxed. American style is famous for its spaciousness, comfort, and fusion of various styles.

Brief description of American style

1. American style is a form of the American lifestyle that has evolved to today.

2. The United States is a country that advocates freedom, which has also created its free, casual and unruly lifestyle without too many artificial modifications and constraints. It has also inadvertently achieved another kind of casual romance, and the American culture has also It is a context dominated by transplanted culture. It has the luxury and extravagance of Europa, but it also combines the unruly water and soil of the American continent. The result of this combination is to get rid of many fetters, but it can also find new nostalgia for cultural foundations. , Extravagance and majesty without losing comfort and casual style.

These elements of American home furnishing style also cater to the needs of current cultural property owners for their lifestyles, namely: a sense of culture, a sense of nobility, and a sense of comfort and sentiment.

American country style

Country style has always occupies an important position in American furniture. Because of its simple, bright and practical style, it has long been loved by consumers from all over the world. A multifunctional design was added to the 1998 Furniture Fair. The appearance and materials still maintain a natural and simple style. The hidden design drawers store the space, making it look neater and more beautiful. On the whole, American furniture conveys the design ideas of simplicity, leisure, organization and multi-function, making the family a pure land for releasing pressure and liberating the soul. The most fascinating thing about American furniture lies in the exquisite and noble shapes, patterns, carvings and colors, and the intriguing place reveals the ancient and long-lasting fragrance. Generally speaking, American furniture must go through several stages of work to highlight the American style. The various rare textures of different woods and different parts, and even the special textures produced by pathological changes during the growth period of the trees are the favorites of American furniture. Secondly, the wood processing method adopts natural drying and drying oven drying method to remove the voids between the wood and moderately shrink the voids between the grains to avoid curling deformation. The third step is to choose the wood material. The best wood mostly comes from the core of the wood and is near the lower part of the trunk, while the central wood is usually darker than the new wood or the outer wood. High-end furniture often chooses wood with good parts to increase texture and value. Nostalgia, romance and respect for time are the best evaluations of American furniture.

American style needs to create an atmosphere

The American style home is like the American independent spirit. It pays attention to how to accumulate the inspiration for art and taste through life experience, and explore the unique aesthetic space from it.

Just like the American-style homes in common American movies, there are family photos in the corner, a small garden on the balcony that is reluctant to give up, an open kitchen surrounding the laughter of the whole family, and a bright bathroom that makes people tired. American Home is not only a style, but also an attitude to life. I believe you will fall in love with it.

Home furnishing is free, simple, nostalgic, practical and comfortable; natural colors dominated by dark brown and earthy yellow;

European royal furniture is civilianized and classical furniture is simplified; the furniture is spacious, practical and comfortable;

Focus on fireplaces and hand-made decorations, pursuing rough, natural and casual;

An important feature of style-style furniture is its practicality. For example, there is a table specially used for sewing; a large dining table that can be lengthened or disassembled into several small tables. However, whether it is European furniture or American furniture, it is important to decorate. In addition to bellflowers, wheat bunches and urn-shaped decorations, there are also some patriotic patterns in the United States, such as eagle-shaped patterns. They are often decorated with inlays and decorated with paint or bas-relief.

American country style space features

The American country architectural style is mainly based on the architectural style of four main periods: the classical period style, the classical style of the Renaissance period, the medieval period or the modern style. It does not have too much decoration, the external effect is simple and honest, and the application of new structural technology makes its space room for change. Therefore, the American architectural style is actually a mixed style. Unlike European architectural styles, which gradually developed and evolved step by step, it accepted many mature architectural styles during the same period, and they merged and influenced each other. . It has the characteristics of paying attention to architectural details, classical feelings, simple and generous appearance, and integrating a variety of customs into one. The North American style developed in China is more embodied in the format of villas. North American villas have developed into a unique style that is simple and atmospheric, but also integrates various architectural essences, which fully embodies the characteristics of simplicity, elegance, and ease. Very user-friendly and very popular in the decoration market.

American country style color application

1. The color matching of the neighboring countryside. The original design inspiration of the neighboring products comes from the three primary colors of the American flag. Together with the founder’s love for home life and the accumulation of life, the neighboring countryside has been created by feelings.

2. The color of the earth, the earth color is generally the color of the earth. All the faded yellow, white, and black are the best elements to create the earth color scene. The representative colors are rubber, honey and old white. The color of the earth reflects the scene of the autumn harvest. There are two feelings:

One kind of expression is the calm atmosphere: the sense of history, the joy of harvest and the profound cultural accumulation. Can not help but let us have a deeper understanding of taste, hobbies and life.

A sense of refreshment and elegance is reflected: it reflects a simple and practical attitude towards life.

The complete set of renderings of American country style living room, as the name suggests, is the effect of the American country style transformation and decoration of the living room. American country style is deeply rooted in people’s hearts with its natural simplicity, and it is becoming more and more popular. Let’s take a look at this American country style living room renderings with the editor! American country style living room renderings Daquan Living room 1 In addition to the clever use of colors and furniture, the American country style sometimes uses beams to make criss-crossing American-style ceilings. Take the picture as an example, use the Tic Tac Toe shape and ceiling lights. , The entire space becomes atmospheric. American country style living room renderings Daquan American country style living room renderings Daquan Living room 2 Another important feature of American style is that it is more practical. Some gadgets make the American decoration more style, especially some practical parts. American country style living room renderings Daquan American country style living room renderings Daquan Living room 3 This American country style living room uses the combination of fabric and furniture to make the space appear calm and more inclined to the classic American country style. The elegant crystal chandelier also makes the living room more shining. American country style living room renderings Daquan American country style living room renderings Daquan Living room 4 American country styles often also have a sense of rural atmosphere. The picture below just reflects this. The nostalgic floral wallpaper is matched with retro distressed wooden furniture, which is more charming, highlights the traditional and natural beauty, and greatly increases the charm of the living room. American country style living room renderings Daquan American country style living room renderings Daquan The setting of 5 TV cabinets in the living room is often the focus of living room decoration. Generally speaking, the American country style living room can keep the same color as the sofa or coffee table. It should be noted that when purchasing, be careful not to pursue fancy carvings too much, which is contrary to the American country style.