American furniture

American furniture
American furniture, as the name implies, is from the American style furniture. American furniture is the most typical representative of colonial style furniture. It is one of the typical American furniture. As the largest colony in Europe, American furniture integrates the styles of European countries, thus creating a new home style.
Purchase of American furniture
1. Modern American furniture: size
The size of modern interior furniture is generally larger, so the size proportion of American furniture is controlled. Generally speaking, the American style furniture placement occupies about 40% of the home area, and the remaining space can also be used to place other home essential appliances, such as refrigerators. And pay attention to whether the height of modern American furniture is in line with the height of the room, so as to prevent expensive furniture from being useless at home.
2. Modern American furniture: Environment
Any home in the purchase of furniture, should pay attention to the environmental characteristics of the home, for example, for young children in the home, the glass door on the cabinet to prevent damage to children, it is best to choose wooden door. If the humidity in the home is very high, it is not suitable to use the modern American furniture. The air dust content of the home is high, so the furniture needs to be cleaned frequently. Choosing simplicity and clarity can reduce your workload. If the light in the home is dark, you can choose modern American furniture with light color.
3. Modern American furniture: characteristics
Now, many people like to buy that kind of tall combination cabinet, because it can make full use of the vertical space. But such “modern” home is most likely to be out of date. The most important thing to buy modern American furniture is the practicability of furniture, not just the style. After all, no matter how red the furniture is, we should also meet the needs of life.
4. Modern American furniture: Transportation
The most troublesome process of furniture is handling. Although the owner does not use his own efforts, but in the process of handling, it is inevitable to bump. A warm-hearted Owner provided a good suggestion: the longest space diagonal of furniture should not be greater than the maximum diagonal of the corner of passageway or staircase. So in the purchase of modern American furniture, or to pay attention to its size.
5. Modern American furniture: matching
In the purchase of modern American furniture, the color and style of furniture should be consistent with the overall style of home decoration. To reflect the overall feeling of a home.