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Home radiation protection tips
King Fabrication Co. / 2016-10-17

 Modern household appliances more and more products, greatly facilitate our daily life, but home life security is also a challenge. As we all know, there is a radiation appliance, the harm cannot be underestimated, and to our health are also aware that some home radiation protection as well. This small series to introduce some home tips for radiation, a look at it.


1, keep your distance

Smaller the farther away from sources of electromagnetic radiation hazards, and radiation electrical distance is home of the first point.

2, keep the bed simple

For many people, lying on the bed reading a book, newspaper, put something on the bed alarm, mobile phone is common. Actually, home anti-radiation on and these about, these habits on human health is adverse: two only 20 w fluorescent tied in with Shi, 10 cm outside magnetic field strength for 100 cents Gaussian, and 25 cm outside for 6.5 cents Gaussian, in high strength role Xia can raised skin cancer, and cataract,; electronic alarm clock, and radio, and phone, small of electrical electromagnetic radiation also not ignored, put in bed and people distance more near, also easy on human caused hurt.

3, reduce the use of time

The longer people stay in the standard field, greater harm to people. Have a high magnetic intensity, such as electric shavers, hair dryers, and to strictly control the use of time, as long as no more than 150 seconds a day is safe.

4, the use of personal appliances

In winter, the dianruzi is a favorite of many people, but it is more dangerous is worthy of attention. Radiation better off mat at home. Because mat and a few cm away from the magnetic fields of up to 20~50 Milli-Gauss, not only makes the resting cells long under the action of electromagnetic fields cause human health disorders, but will also endanger the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus.

5, use shielding

Home radiation protection clothing and some necessary measures to reduce radiation hazards, radiation can be used with a computer screen.

6, pay attention to calories

Effects of electromagnetic radiation is mainly consumed a lot of heat in the human body, and eat some food in favour of increased heat, increasing the person's immunity, such as carrots, bean sprouts, seaweed, tomatoes, rapeseed, cabbages, lean meats, liver and other foods rich in vitamin a, c, and protein, can adjust the body electro-magnetic disorder, strengthening the body's ability to resist electromagnetic radiation.

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