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Home drinking water safety install water purifier
King Fabrication Co. / 2016-10-24

 Recently, several news caused widespread concern about drinking water. A article message by technology daily published out, "Tsinghua University environment College national environment simulation and pollution control focus laboratory Deputy researcher Chen clear of revealed: experiment team in national 23 a province 44 a big small city and town, total 155 a points bit (including tap water factory, and family taps and water water) collection has 164 a water, from check out carcinogenic real--disinfection Deputy product NDMA (Asia Nitro II methyl amine). ”

Another message is this newspaper reported, the Liu family lives on Beijing Road, Guiyang City after drinking bottled water at home suddenly feeling unwell, and with varying degrees of diarrhea symptoms. Doctors suspect may be medium to not drink bottled water deterioration causes a problem.
Safe drinking water in these problems must pay attention to
Talk about "reducing the harm of harmful substances in tap water" issues, many experts recommend: first of all, individual and family not to drink the tap water; water into a container placed in advance, THMs such as volatile for some time then.
On quality problems of bottled drinking water and related brands of bottled water and bottled water in Guiyang staff Master Xu said bottled water after opening of the shelf-life and storage environment has a lot to do, in the General case, bottled water after opening, easily exceeding its bacteria after 10 days. Meanwhile, drinking health problems should not be ignored, Master Xu said that belong in the area are likely to grow bacteria in drinking water, it is recommended that once a month or two to clean, and bottled water is better to boil water to ensure safety and health.
Tips install water purifier
"How to ensure safe and reliable drinking water? "Became a topic of concern for the public, reporters check out the many experts suggest, Xiamen University and the Singapore National University Professor, China's Godfather of bio-technology, water treatment expert Dr LAN Weiguang said, ordinary people, may wish to take the Terminal water, home water purifier is the most convenient. LAN Weiguang said that at present, city of high-rises, a substantial percentage of obsolescence of water supply pipeline, open Department pipes are disabled, limited to account for a certain proportion of the pipeline, building secondary pressure led to the longer the retention of water in these pipelines, two higher-polluting, to eliminate the worries, members of the public may wish to take the Terminal water purifiers.
Terminal water has many advantages, like: points quality water, put drinking water and life water completely separate, wastewater can recycling using, save water resources; tailored, combined family live, to different needs of family design, and select and customized most for of equipment; physical filter, using film separation technology, security efficient to removed bacteria virus, retained useful trace elements and minerals; that open that drink, straight water through cycle disinfection tube network conveying, help you put pure water factory moved back has home, supply fresh timely; using life long, once investment And long-term benefits more affordable.
Buy water purifier filter is the key
How to choose Water Purifier is exquisite. Reporters consulted the staff of the filter, he said, selection of Home Water Purifier is not only price, but should be quality. Water filter price differences of only hundreds of Yuan, while tens of thousands of Yuan. Price is not a problem, just to see if it works. So cheap is not desirable, but also to focus on price/performance. The other hand, the selection of Home Water Purifier it is important to understand the filter. Filter is the most important components of household water purifiers, filter, effect on the water a lot. Buy water purifier also have a maintenance cost. Water filter must be periodically replaced filters, membrane filters, buying high-end brands have a heavy burden. People can select suitable products according to own actual situation is the key to smart spending.

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