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This feature is called smart home
King Fabrication Co. / 2016-10-24

 Specializing in the design of smart home system, you can not think of, no it can't! To automatically turn on the lights at the door, out the appliance automatically turns off real-time monitoring indoor appliances ... ... Smart home is a kind of feeling? Hot smart topic, how can bring to our lives changed? We might as well have a look.

Scenarios key to switch
When you use the smart home system, can save a lot of demand for different scenarios, in use only by simple manipulations on a mobile phone, you can do different locations are different scenes of the full switching. For example open scenes from home at the entrance, the Interior lights will automatically go out, air conditioning stopped functioning, and so on.
Remote control monitor
Traditional home improvement, when one out of the House for the home environment into a State of complete unknowns, and intelligent home systems can implement some key indicators on indoor monitoring, and reflected to the user's mobile phone, so as to avoid the pitfalls.
Unified management control family
After the indoor installation of intelligent home, users only need to be installed on the mobile phone or a Tablet PC control software on the user interface, you can one-click call a variety of scene modes, while receiving indoor surveillance data in real time, control home electrical switches, total control of the family focused on the mobile phone.
Schedule design fit life
By scheduling the smart home system, interior can automatically switch between different scene modes in the right time, people are always in the best family-friendly environment. For example in the morning, getting up into the scene in the bedroom, curtains open, air conditioning adjusting the operating temperature and lights off at night, so one can awaken in the most comfortable environment.
Sensing transform automatic energy-saving
Smart home systems capable of sensing indoor lighting, non-human mobility, environment and automatically adjusted according to the environmental changes interior light-sensitive, color temperature, changing the mode of air conditioning and refrigeration, to automatically turn off the lights when no one moved, while maintaining stability and comfortable indoor environment, the maximum degree of reduction of electricity consumption at home.
Real-time security
System for indoor real-time monitoring of key nodes, and timely notification when a problem occurs, avoid safety hazards. For example, charge higher than the water level in the tank when the overflow valve will automatically close, indoor gas sensor monitor the concentration of overweight, inlet valves close automatically, ensure safety and so on.
Perfect control
System control of more than a single one or a few appliances, indoor most of the appliances, components can be manipulated as a whole.
Easy to get started
Intelligent terminal interface design is simple, classification, conveniently and quickly get started operations.
No design corner
Intelligent Home system can run reasonably smoothly without contradictions and manipulation of the components running the corner location.
Directive identifies clear
Smart elements can clear recognition and induction procedures, instructions, reflection of the changes in the environment without error, and action.
Free design scene
Through the intelligent home, we were able to free design of the indoor scenes and changes, so that the different environmental conditions have been met. Scene modes such as the living room meeting mode, reading mode and fun mode, and so on.
Simplicity for simple operation
Smart home systems, convenient integration of rich combinations of controls, so as to give the user through a variety of ways, using smart phones, touch-screen terminals to unified regulating home system, effectively avoid the complicated process of indoor household operations.
Flexible deployment details
Smart home system is based on the ordinary intelligent sensor control further increases the more intelligent use of the star, such as when you need privacy and undisturbed in the bathroom, open spray glass, to create a fee for exclusive personal space or repurposing by mirror TV, makes life more convenient.

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