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Kitchen remodel 16 notes
King Fabrication Co. / 2016-10-28

 Eat it very important, not only to eat but to eat delicious, so the kitchen renovation. Kitchen design has a lot of areas in need of attention, this fear is good intentions bring bad things, so need to more carefully before the kitchen renovation.

1, kitchen area
Kitchen area to moderate, too much is wasted, while the small crowded, reasonably should generally around 10 square metres in area. To ensure reasonable kitchen space with natural light and ventilation. Kitchen area large enough to place a small table, which doubles as a dining room without having to find another space for the dining room, tables can be placed under a carpet to be used for space. Kitchen area is small, you should pay attention to the reception.
2, kitchen design
Kitchen decoration design should not affect the kitchen lighting, ventilation, platform lighting, and other effects. First consider safety issues in design. Concealed work must be done well, especially the kitchen outlet location to properly, otherwise it will affect the size and the overall effect of kitchen cabinets.
3, kitchen tiles
Wall tiles should be selected taking into account light exposure, too bright and Dim spaces should be matte and elegant color tile to avoid light pollution to form visual fatigue. Options under consideration other than the color and luster of the floor tiles, also should pay attention to the comfort of use, you should choose slip-resistant tiles, injured to keep from slipping and causing bodily harm.
4, kitchen ceiling
Kitchen top, walls suitable for fireproof, heat-resistant and easy to clean material, such as Glazed tile walls, aluminum ceiling, and so on. Kitchen ceiling should be considered waterproofing products, namely waterproof gypsum board, acrylic latex paint for high performance waterproof and water resistant PuTTY, so beautiful at the same time, not from using the inconvenience.
5, gas
Prohibited move gas meters, gas pipe shall not do, but should also consider reading. Gas pipe into the kitchen. Don't go out pipe between the gas water heater, open a slot buried PVC pipe in the wall, would not have to punch holes in deck. Off the kitchen-bar, microwave, refrigerator and other electrical power switch to pre-designed.
6, kitchen Sockets
To arrange kitchen appliances or laid aside, and correct placement of the power supply socket. Fire-resistant, heat-resistant kitchen decoration material safety factor that must be considered. Never put the outlet free without fire-retardant treated wood cabinet, to avoid short circuit fire cause of accidents.
7, kitchen
The height of kitchen gas stove, to ground 700mm is appropriate.
8, kitchen range hood problem
Height of the range hood height to use may be, and pump dosing pump smoke machine and stove the distance should be less than 60 cm. Install cabinets first and then install range hood, most trouble-prone, so the best and cabinets installed at the same time. Purchase range hood when household items such as more Chinese than European suction.
9, cabinets, custom
If it is set to do the whole Cabinet, be sure to pay attention to Gusset Plate level or Cabinet mounted after good morals; pipes upwards a little, otherwise tap matching hose is too short, buy long.
10, kitchen choose wood products
When you use a lot of wood products in the kitchen, be aware of kitchen ventilation and air exchange system of perfect and avoid moisture gathered on the floor and on the wall for a long time, cracking and deformation on wood products, even decay.
11, kitchen light fixtures
Kitchen lighting should use waterproof lighting such as fog lights, line connectors should be handled strictly using waterproof electrical tape carefully to avoid condensation of water vapor into, causing a short circuit and fire. Kitchen lighting needs are divided into two levels: one is the lighting of the entire kitchen, one for washing, preparation and operation of lighting.
12, kitchen curtains
Kitchen curtains aluminum paint coating should be applied on the choice of blinds, try not to use fabric curtain, smeary hard to avoid cleaning up.
13, floor drain
Must be set on the ground floor drains and ground floor cabinets designed for fear of wet material in order to avoid water pipe caused by running water closet damp deformation.
14, kitchen storage
Functions of the kitchen it is home of the "dirty, chaotic, and poor" places. How to make beautiful and tidy in the kitchen, is the centerpiece of another important purpose except the function convenient. To take full advantage of the space, cabinets, wall cabinets, pot, Bowl, ladle and Bowl to find a relatively proper operating space. Low is better in the kitchen drawer, push-pull type facilitates takes puts, vision is better. Wall cabinets generally made 30 to 40 cm wide multi-layer lattice.
15, kitchen garbage disposal
Large amount of kitchen garbage, odors, easy to put in a convenient dumping, short and sheltered places such as under sinks on the door, set up a trash or junk drawer that can be push-pull. Think inside the trash not practical enough, than on the outside. There are must-do not install the door panels of the trash and garbage cans, opens the door in the summer will be very bad. Trash is on the outside.

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