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Water purification equipment
King Fabrication Co. / 2016-10-28

 Not that detect water equipment product category, just to figure out the names of various water-related equipment, headache for many families. Plus some sales of "misleading", let everyone pick and find direction. Small series of sorting out these more common water device name may wish to work together to understand:

Pre filter
Pre filter is an primary filters the water, near the General recommended that installed in the inlet pipe, and can filter out sediment, rust and other particles in the water of impurities. In addition to hundreds of improvised cartridges, filters before thousands of Yuan on the market were straight and recoil, two kinds of washing, the latter products are less expensive, but wash may is a little better than the former.
Central Water Purifier
Is referred to as "Central", because it can improve the whole-House water, including water and drinking water. It is mainly through the KDF and activated carbon filter to remove chlorine, odor, viruses and so on, keep the water clean. Better prices of thousands of Yuan, even tens of thousands of Yuan. It shape larger, installation and pre filters are the same, but better.
Water softener
Selling that salt water softener on the market because of the special water softener salt, so it can be used to replace sodium ions of calcium and magnesium ions, so washing is more comfortable to use, and also prevent scaling in pipes, equipment. Also called salt-free Nano-soft water machine, it can also prevent scaling of the results, but comfort is not strong, but not separate from the House water pipes.
End of Water Purifier
Also referred to as drinking or drinking and call it the end of water purifiers, except as it is installed on the water, but also because it treated water contains beneficial minerals and you can drink water. Average family would put it in the kitchen sink here, it can also take the water to wash dishes, wash the dishes, cooking or something.
Pure water machine
Because water is the use of reverse osmosis membranes inside it (also known as RO membrane) to deal with drinking water, so some people will call it reverse osmosis or RO machine. By the water machine water basically nothing, and just sort of distilled water is sold in supermarkets. It is dealing with drinking water and clean water at the end, but the effect is slightly different, we can select as needed.
Corrosion protection dosing device
Corrosion protection dosing is a relatively new type of water treatment equipment, currently only Germany Li water with this product. Its name is known, its main role is to have resistance to corrosion. If available, this is added after the salt water softener recommended a water device. Adding food raw materials, without fear of insecurity.

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