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Free home design, is a free lunch or cost transform?
King Fabrication Co. / 2016-10-28

  "Design is the soul of decoration", "has a good design is decorated half", "decorating certainty to some extent depends on whether the design is complete" ... ... Design home decoration industry's importance is recognized by more and more people in the industry. Meanwhile, most rational consumers accepted design, willing to pay for the design. However, in recent years, a number of home improvement companies in the market can provide customers with a free design service. The free meal is a true benefit, or simply cost?

  At present, there are many home improvement companies provide a free design service for customers, whether it is the main meal of traditional home improvement company, or Internet company, foreman Club, even guerrillas, this free service is really benefit is the company's "head fake"?
Free design is not common
  Reporters learned through the investigation, free design area of home improvement is not the norm, most of the regular home improvement company in designed to collect a fee on the market, is based on square meters offer, price ranges from 40 Yuan to 300 yuan per square meter, and charges based on the level designers and design content is decided by how much.
  "Decorative design fees at present consists of two parts, base design and character design. "The current Executive Vice President Wang Xiaobing told the Beijing evening news decoration weekly reporter, based design including the floor plan and simple construction drawings, no renderings, design content is simple, only for basic decoration, costs a minimum of 1000 Yuan, up to 2000 Yuan. Character design includes furniture, soft Assembly decorated, color, space, this part of the design fees denominated by the number of square metres per square meter price between 40 to 200 Yuan. "As long as you provide design services is paid, when may company anniversary discount, free of charge are rare. "Wang Xiaobing said.
  Fruit decoration won the Chief Engineer Hu Zengguang pointed out that, apart from by the number of square meters and the design load in this way, some decoration company in accordance with the project designed to collect fees as a percentage of the total offer, such as 10% engineering 8% of the total offer, will be charged. "General decorating company will provide owners with plans, working drawings, renderings, water circuit, if the customer requires fire, air-conditioning, hot and cold water, air system, drawings, such as weak, because of greater complexity of the design, design costs would be higher. "Hu Zengguang said.
Canoe decoration Jinbo, General Manager of Beijing Branch, said the company provides consumers with a total contract contains four parts, namely the basic decoration, structure design, drapery and home design products. In General, designers design fee is largely made up of four parts, if the owners only need to hardware design, then charges will be markedly different.
  Charging for design, first class is mainly designers charge different from standard, hard-packed ordinary designer charging standards for 30 yuan/square meter, hard-menswear designer of the year at the highest level charges 100 Yuan/square meter. The second type is in addition to hard wear, and drapery and other three, four combined cost a consumer final design fees to be paid, of course, will be based on appropriate housing area discounts. Jinbo said: "four parts together in a way that corporate responsibility is clearly with customers, such as 3000 Yuan paid by customer design contains what part of the design, as well as what kind of drawing, will make clear prior to the signing of the design contract with the customer, to avoid disputes later. ”
  Beijing built beauty one, decorative Engineering Limited is a independent design room work room, its founder and design director Xi Yuanyuan told Beijing evening home weekly reporter, himself design room of design charges standard for 500 Yuan/square meters up, in himself do design of while, also and actually top layer design center cooperation, except work room itself has part tourist zhiwai, actually top layer design center also will provides tourist, and top layer cooperation is 400 Yuan/square meters of design fee, see different of project volume to set specific quotes.
Design fees waived kaopu do?
  On "free design fee is no design or really let people" problem, have pointed out that design fees waived is not designed.
  No design fee, for companies, may be needed in the competition. But for designers, free design, designers have no income. A House of about 100 square meters, design cycle is 10 to 15 days, if the designer could not get due reward, then this cost may be from engineering, materials and other aspects to "Digest". Or by reducing the design cost control, for example, only provides floor plan, without providing construction drawings. "The so-called construction design guidance, is the need to provide designers with a complete construction drawings to guide the construction and construction drawings directly affect the feasibility of the construction stage of feasibility and progress. "Canoe decorations Jinbo, General Manager of Beijing Branch believes that free design fees both for the designer's own development and for the industry as a whole, is very bad behavior.
  Insiders pointed out, some decorated with package as the main business of the company, although packages products in a relatively fixed, less design links, but structure of each family are different, have different needs, design is definitely exists. "Can charge less, but not free design. "In my present decorated Executive Vice President Wang Xiaobing, even fees for package decoration products are immune from the design, after all, just basic decoration parts, it contains a lot of content, for example, the old house wall material how to define, which is one of the designers providing professional services, different materials, solutions would be very different. 
In one Beijing building decoration engineering company, founder and design director Xi Yuanyuan, designed for free meant almost no design. According to Xi Yuanyuan introduction, a comprehensive, elaborate designs are usually not by a designer finish. "Some qualified designers, often has its own team of assistants and-effect team. If you provide free services is unable to support the team's operations. "Xi Yuanyuan, no design fees, banner design fees-free to operate under the banner of individual or company is a kind of unsettled markets.
  According to industry sources, except for some decoration company free of charge design fee, designed to collect a home improvement company in order to seize market share and beat each other.

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