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Custom home difference, how to choose?
King Fabrication Co. / 2016-10-28

  Recently, reader Lady on the phone said that new homes month housing, currently under home market, walk, prepare for the decoration of new House, other categories are unclear, most products at a glance, prices could see clear, but custom products, a number of brands, more confused, "feel too much inside knowledge"!

  In this issue, reporters comb the mainstream products on the custom home market. See how environmentally friendly products selected? Product pricing? Select the customized attention to what? Figure things out from a variety of brands.
  Plate: E0 is the mainstream
  Reporter discovered that Cabinet plate most of the mainstream products for particle boards, namely made of wood cellulose material rags after applying adhesive in heat and glued into the Panel under pressure, these products more affordable. In addition to the common sheet of particle board and wood, each House also has its own characteristics, such as the original boards, Wo Heung. Whatever the plate, the main are environmentally friendly and formaldehyde as a point of reference. According to reports, most of the particle board claims to meet European standards (the European standard) E0 formaldehyde emission standards. Currently on the market, "European standard E0 grade" refers to the formaldehyde emissions of less than 0.5mg/l, and enforcing emission standards for class E1, formaldehyde is less than 1.5mg/l, original boards, such as Wo Heung nominal formaldehyde-free.
In addition to the environmental properties of products, each plate main difference is also reflected in the back panel, some branded back panel thickness standard is 9mm, 5mm. The back plate of different thickness, prices there are differences. But industry insiders said, because most of the Cabinet against the wall, load-bearing function of the back panel is not large.
  Hardware: mostly imported
  Hardware is an important consideration when purchasing products. Improper selection, frequently used handles, track is easily damaged and inconvenient for use. Reporters found that at present the major brands of hardware in use is Germany haidishi, and Austria Blum two major imported brands, but also OEM.
  While using the product, but the warranty period of the product is not consistent, it also requires consumers to be clear at the time of signing the contract.
 Need to be reminded of is that most brands use hardware brand is not a single, mostly imported hardware, there are domestic OEM hardware, key and store communicate, know your options. Insiders have claimed, for price-sensitive consumers, often using domestic OEM hardware some unscrupulous businessmen, or even replaced with domestic OEM hardware at installation time nominal import hardware to deceive consumers, consumers in the installation phase to watch.
  Quote: different differences
  Shop around, in addition to the comparison of products, consumers are most concerned about is the price. But many consumers will find the same apartment, same products, brands offer no small difference.
  Some brands will follow each of the cabinet size is standard price, then stack each cabinet is the total price of the room; some just calculate how many cabinets each Ribbon, General quotes in general size; some floor area only direct quotes.
  Industry insiders say early sales are valued, the actual price can only be equal, rendering detailed quotation after determining.
The reporter learned that, in addition to choosing different caused price differences and sheet metal, doors are also the main factors affecting prices. Lumber and hardware brands offer little difference, but doors because of different styles, colors, price at 500 Yuan more than ~2000 Yuan, business promotions usually take door panel said.
  Since quotations in different ways, same type the same requirements each brand offers vary greatly, even 1 time times. Special, to be careful on low prices cut into the brand, the successor there must be increased, therefore, should choose to quote norm, project specific brands.
  Services: employee attitudes differences
  In addition to the functional needs and match preferences, custom furniture type to match availability, development, which requires consumers to communicate with designers. And the designer's ability to directly affect the design of each functional area of beauty and function. Meanwhile, workers required for custom installation is also high, big brands have a fixed installation master, and will conduct professional training.
 Professional people introduced, custom products for products of personalized, led to size, and color, and material, are is unique, whole consumption process, from early of field measurement, and programme design, and factory Xia single, and products transport to last of installation debugging, any a link are cannot has slip, so, on full process of service personnel quality are has high requirements, professional degrees is while, responsible, and work attitude also quite important. This also causes, same brand, purchased the product but the results are not the same. Need to be reminded of is that custom product receipted cycle is longer, plus installation and commissioning amendment is hard to control, consumers must be fully prepared.
  After sales issues, whether it is sheet metal, although each brand has a basic warranty standards, but implementation depends on the dealer.

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