Autumn interior decoration

The reasonable arrangement of the matching skills of the autumn interior decoration-the reasonable arrangement of the scientific environment is to meet the physiological and aesthetic requirements of people.

Precautions for interior decoration in autumn, reasonable layout-the rational layout of a scientific environment, is to meet human physiological and aesthetic requirements. Taking lighting as an example, the future lighting methods will be diverse. The size of the illuminance, the direction of the light source, the projection angle, the shape of the lamps, etc., are the highlight of the environment layout; the style of the furniture, the flow line and the shape, the color Matching, etc., is the center of the environment layout.

1. Wood color is the most basic color in nature, giving people a natural warm and comfortable feeling. In this space, from carpets to pillows and other fabrics, from cabinets to chairs and other furniture, wood colors of different shades are used, which not only harmonizes the colors of the entire space, but also has an internal transition and rhythm of colors.

2. Blue is the color of tranquility and purity. In this light blue space, the sense of tranquility created can silence even the restless mind. Chairs with a strong sense of shape and chandeliers with a sense of rattan and wood add a lot of color to the space.