Baby bed type

Baby bed type
1. Foldable portable crib:
It is folded by a mechanical structure to become a compact travel packaging bag for baby products, which can hold many baby products or other items, which is practical and convenient.
2. Multifunctional crib:
These include dual-purpose cribs assembled with detachable bookshelves; cribs that can be interchanged into tables, chairs, and rockers; cribs that can be adjusted in height for easy feeding; and growth cribs that can be converted into adult beds.
3. Smart crib with control:
With microcomputer control and electromagnetic drive device. It has 8 functions such as automatic swing, music hypnosis, urinary dampness alarm, timing reminder, voice activation, heartbeat simulation, body shaping, and early education development.
4. Pedal crib:
The pedal is a driving device, and the pedal is driven by a rope to sway the cradle. When not in use, the pedal can be folded to be hung. The structure is simple and easy to use.