Balcony cabinet design

Balcony cabinet design
Balcony cabinet design one
From the picture, we can see that the balcony cabinets here are set on one side of the wall in an inlaid manner. The cabinets are mainly white in color, matching the light blue wall next to it, and the color matching is very coordinated. The windows of the balcony are framed in black, and a black table and chairs are placed under the windows, so that there is an echoing effect. It is a very good balcony cabinet decoration design.
Balcony cabinet design two
This kind of balcony cabinet decoration is not called simple, the white cabinet surface is in a ladder-like layout, and three or two pots of green plants are placed on the top of the cabinet, which can very well purify our air and absorb the dust floating in from the balcony. This kind of balcony cabinet has three cabinet doors, which can put basins, washing powder or some other sundries, and has a good storage effect. The design of this balcony cabinet is simple but not simple, you can try to wear it if you like.
Balcony cabinet design three
I don’t know if you like this kind of decoration style balcony cabinet, anyway, I personally like it very much. The cabinet is inlaid and strong in the form of bookshelves. The balcony has been carefully decorated and arranged to form the form of a couch. It is really pleasing to read and write on it. There is also a small cabinet at the other end of the bookshelf. This small cabinet can be used to store things and save space.
Balcony cabinet design four
This is the decoration picture of the balcony cabinet of the children’s room. The pink and tender color is very cute. The design of the six grooves is very novel and practical. It is used to place toys and books. It is beautiful and saves space. Children are right. The balcony decoration must have no ability to refuse.
Balcony cabinet design five
The decoration style of this balcony cabinet is very warm. The balcony wall is warm goose yellow, with warm color curtains, is it warm and comfortable? The surface of the balcony cabinet is soft white, harmoniously matched with the wall and curtain box, which is very delicate and beautiful.