Balcony furniture placement

Balcony furniture placement
First of all, balcony furniture should be small and exquisite. Folding furniture is better. It is also more flexible to use, which can prevent the balcony from being crowded. You can also make room for other items in a timely manner, so that you can use both. Reasonably use the space of the balcony to match the furniture, so that the whole house can show a different style.
Wooden tables and chairs can add a lot of color to the balcony; rattan or plastic balcony tables and chairs with balcony umbrellas are suitable for placing on the terrace; iron tables and chairs full of European style are also good. In this way, you can enjoy the comfort brought by European and American style and walk into the outdoor life of western colors.
Balcony furniture is more susceptible to wind, sun and rain, so the choice of materials should be different from general indoor furniture. Generally speaking, natural and simple wooden furniture is the first choice for the balcony, but it must be made of wood with good waterproof performance and not easily deformed, such as teak, so as to prevent the wood from being brittle due to expansion or looseness.
Those who like metal materials can choose balcony furniture made of aluminum or alloy materials that have been painted and waterproofed. Such materials can withstand outdoor wind, sun and rain, and appear more modern and simple.
The furniture made of bamboo and rattan is easy and freehand, which is very suitable for the casual atmosphere of the balcony, but you must pay attention to its maintenance and wipe it clean in time after the rain.