Balcony furniture

Balcony furniture
 Nowadays, the houses we live in are getting higher and higher, and more and more high-end. Balconies have become the standard equipment in the current community or building houses, and all readers and friends also like to put some furniture on the balcony.
How to choose balcony furniture
Balcony furniture is more susceptible to wind, sun, and rain, so the material selection is different from ordinary indoor furniture. Generally speaking, wooden balcony furniture is people’s first choice, but wood with higher oil content, such as teak, should be used. This kind of wood can prevent the wood from brittle cracking due to expansion or looseness.
People who like metal materials should use aluminum or alloy materials that have been painted and waterproofed. Such materials can best withstand outdoor wind and rain. Bamboo and rattan furniture is easy to feel freely, but you must pay attention to its maintenance, and wipe it up in time after raining.
Pay attention to the environment. The balcony furniture should be small and exquisite. Folding furniture is the best. It is more flexible to use and avoids the balcony being crowded. Small tables and chairs are placed on the balcony, which can be used as a tea table or a small dining table.
Rattan or plastic balcony tables and chairs with parasols are suitable for roof gardens or large gardens, while iron tables and chairs full of European style are the first choice for European villas.