Balcony garden design

Balcony garden design skills one
The balcony garden design is actually not as complicated as imagined. As long as we are more careful and willing to take the time to take care of it, there will be a beautiful and lovely balcony garden. The editor will introduce some tips for designing a balcony garden. In fact, it is also a matter of attention. Friends who want to build a balcony garden must carefully read the introduction of the editor, so as to have a good idea about your balcony garden. Guaranteed.
Balcony garden design skills two
In the balcony garden design, the first thing to pay attention to is the drainage problem. Plants, like people, need moisture to be moisturized. If they lack water, plants will wither. Because we live upstairs, drainage is a problem, unlike on the ground, the poured water directly penetrates the ground. Small pipes can be used to link the bottom of the plants, or small dark channels can also be used, so that the excess water can flow out and drain away after we water.
Balcony garden design skills three
With complete drainage facilities, the next step is to prepare the soil. Soil is an indispensable thing when planting plants. Friends who want to build a small fenced garden must prepare more soil, so that not only flowers can be planted, but also some grass can be planted, just like that kind of green lawn. It should be noted that before spreading the soil, leak-proof measures should be taken on the ground, for example, a layer of waterproof glue can be applied.
Balcony garden design skills four
With the above preparations done, the next step is to select plants. When choosing plants, you can not only choose what you like, but also pay attention to matching. For example, some are planted on the ground, some are planted in pots, and some are hanging plants in the sky. With plants, the next step is to choose a “home” for the plants. We can choose some iron art frames for spider plants that are close to nature, so that it looks very charming.
Balcony garden design skills five
When choosing plants, they should also be selected according to their nature. Some plants like shade, some like sun, some are tenacious, and some are very fragile, so choose according to your actual situation. For example, Milan, jasmine, rose, etc., can make the room fragrant; impatiens, periwinkle, zinnia, paving cotton, wind and rain, cockscomb, etc., bright and eye-catching, and easy to cultivate; and perilla, hibiscus , Hibiscus, colorful pepper, rue, day lily, etc., can be viewed, but also can be used as ingredients and spices for family recipes.