Balcony guardrail height

Guardrails are usually made of steel, such as round steel pipes, square steel pipes or profiled steel plates, and iron wires. Surface treatment process: automatic electrostatic powder spraying (ie spraying) or painting. The raw materials used for the surface treatment of outdoor crash barriers are waterproof materials. The anti-collision barrier is beautiful in appearance and not easy to rust.
First of all, the common low window sill is about 0.5 meters from the ground. If you add 0.4 meters of guardrail or fence close to the inner wall, it will definitely meet the protective measures required by the code. If the window sill surface is too large, such as a bay window, children often stand on the window sill and look at it, and the user must also stand on the window sill to open the window. At this time, the height of the guardrail attached to the window sill should reach 0.9 meters. The net height of the guardrail should not be less than 1.05 meters, and the net height of the guardrail of middle-high and high-rise residential buildings should not be less than 1.1 meters. Of course, different occasions will have different heights. If it is in a kindergarten, the height of the balcony guardrail and the height of the balcony guardrail at home will be different. So everyone should pay attention to this reason when choosing.
I just finished introducing the balcony guardrail for everyone, now let’s take a look at the stainless steel guardrail. There are also various stainless steel products on the market, ranging from lighters to long guardrails. Balcony guardrails and stainless steel guardrails are inclusive. For everyone to understand stainless steel guardrails more carefully, let’s introduce the price of stainless steel guardrails and stainless steel. Guardrail style, the situation of stainless steel guardrail pictures! 1. The price of stainless steel guardrail The price of stainless steel guardrail is determined according to its material and specifications. The stainless steel round tube containing chromium 3.0, the specifications of which are 631.5mm, 511.5mm, 251.0mm, and 381.5mm, are around 280 yuan. There are slight differences in price levels in different regions.