Bar decoration budget

First, the factors in the decoration design of the open bar are very important. It can be said that the decoration design of the bar is a very important link, and the cost is generally relatively large. Therefore, at this time, investors need to have a clearer understanding of the positioning of their bar. For example, which style is used, the design and decoration of a good style will be more targeted, and then the decoration can be executed better.
  Second, the budget of the bar decoration also has a great correlation with the choice of shop location. A reasonable layout means full consideration of moving lines, which refers to the route of movement. For example, the operating route of the walking route requires consideration of both the movement of customers and the movement of employees, so these are also a major factor affecting the cost of bar decoration.
The third problem is the scale of the hotel. Generally speaking, the renovation cost of a small hotel is almost hundreds of thousands. For a large-scale bar, you must think higher in terms of grade at this time, and also in terms of internal settings. High-end, it should be around millions, so this is different from person to person, friends who are planning to open a bar should also pay attention to this.