Bar decoration design strategy

The color of the bar.
From the perspective of feng shui, the bar is a slightly shaded leisure space. It is recommended to use glass countertops as little as possible. Use more solid wood materials and decorate them with fabrics, flowers, paintings, and lights. In other words, try to make the bar present a warm color, because the cold space decoration will affect the mood of consumers.
The material of the bar.
The choice of materials should combine the different functions and properties of the bar space. Many people feel that the more advanced the decoration of the bar, the better. It should be noted that the stacking of advanced materials does not reflect the high level of decorative art. There are many kinds of decoration materials, and we should use the functionality of the bar space to choose. It is worth noting that glass plays a vital role in bar decoration. With the rapid development of the glass industry, people use special glass, such as mirror, color filter glass, and color changing glass as interior decoration materials.
The ceiling of the bar.
Compared with home decoration, the ceiling of commercial spaces like bars is very important! At present, there are many popular ceiling materials on the market. The main ones that are more suitable for use in bars are aluminum gusset ceiling, gypsum board ceiling and PVC gusset ceiling. In bar design, for different places, it is necessary to choose ceilings with different functions, so that the ceiling decoration is most suitable for the place where it is located, and the decoration has the best effect.
The style of the bar.
The decoration style is the topic that every decoration company talks about, and it is also the theme of the bar. Bar wall decoration is an important element that affects the style of the bar. Choosing different wall decorations to decorate the bar can create the mood and atmosphere you want. Decorative walls with large murals can not only highlight the special consumption environment, but also meet people’s different artistic appreciation needs, thereby further stimulating consumption.
The knowledge of bar decoration is always “endless”. For example, there are bar decoration techniques, feng shui knowledge, greening projects… and only by understanding it, our bar will shine and business will be booming!