Bar design form

There are many styles of bar counter design. After fully determining the style positioning, different forms of bar counter design can be carried out according to the overall style. There is a wall-mounted type, which can be placed on the wall. The wine cabinet can be placed above the bar or hung on the wall. It occupies a small area and is suitable for smaller rooms. Corner type, use the corner of the room for layout, you can sit around the table, convenient for conversation. Partition type, using bar cabinets and counters to separate the space, suitable for large areas and indoors that require multiple functional areas. Today, let’s take a look at the decoration renderings of the bar partition to see which one is suitable for your home.
In fact, as early as the 90s of last century, bar design has become a big trend in room decoration, but because it takes up too much space, it was once abandoned. In recent years, with the changes in apartment types and people’s living needs, the bar has gradually returned to the living room. From a design point of view, the bar often appears in the living room space or dining room space.
This bar design is the partition between the kitchen and the dining room. The design style is classic American style. The design of the bar has always been a symbol of sentiment, and a chandelier designed by the owner above the bar creates a very good atmosphere.
Design highlights: How to make the bar placed in the living room give people a strange and luxurious feeling, the most economical and effective way is to use the scattered light to create a gorgeous and romantic atmosphere. This is the portrayal in the picture. The design of this bar counter is a typical corner type. The corners of the room are used for layout, and you can sit around the counter for easy conversation. It also saves the area of ​​the house very much. Design highlights: Two people sitting face to face around the bar is the best place to chat and talk.