Bar design renderings

Editor’s comment: Although the size of the apartment is small, the bar cannot be less. The designer uses the right angle extending from the kitchen sink as a small bar, which can be used as a dining area or as a small countertop for holding ingredients during cooking! Next to it is a large window overlooking the scenery downstairs. Sitting here at night, sipping desserts and seeing the night view, is it very pleasant.
Editor’s comment: Due to the simple living population, the owner removed the cement wall of the kitchen area, replaced the large dining table with a stylish bar, and added electrical appliances and lockers. The bar and the unobtrusive large chandeliers are kept in the same space. In line with the overall style, the white fashion trend is full.
Editor’s comment: The white bar in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows on the balcony and the high chairs with simple lines, sitting here to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window is also unique.
Editor’s comment: Considering the size of the house, the designer did not make room as a restaurant, but designed a bar and wine cabinet next to the window, which is beautiful and practical without wasting limited space. It can be used as a dining table or as a relaxing bar. , Even if a guest comes, as long as the folding dining table is unfolded, the living room can be turned into a dining room immediately.
Editor’s comment: The open kitchen has a long span, and it feels empty without any dressing up. At this time, you can design an L-shaped bar, and the material color is consistent with the cabinets, so that the open position will not be too empty. !
Editor’s comment: Along the corridor we can see a unique open kitchen design. In addition to the special home location, the contrast between the white cabinets and the black floor gives the kitchen a sense of modernity, while the small bar serves as a partition , The role of “porch”.
Editor’s comment: Adding a bar counter in the kitchen not only allows multiple leisure spaces in the kitchen, but also makes the kitchen more flexible in use, because the counter can also be used to place your busy ingredients on the countertops. Your belongings!