Bar partition

Partitioning refers to the façade specially used to separate indoor space. It is more flexible in application and mainly serves as a shelter. Generally, it is not under the board, and some can even be moved. The biggest difference between him and the partition wall is that the partition wall is under the board, that is, the height of the facade is different.

Bar partition style

1. The most popular partition method nowadays is undoubtedly the dimming glass partition. This is a truly high-tech and multifunctional partition method, which can effectively cut the space, and can easily choose the privacy and openness of the space. At the same time, it can be projected on the partition wall at any time and used as a whiteboard. .

2. Office decoration design should pay attention to the shaping of space, because what we use is not real walls, but virtual spaces enclosed by them. If your office does not have decorative glass partitions. Then your office environment is too outdated. Many companies use glass as office partitions. In the West, many companies use glass partitions to solve a large number of space problems. Everyone should know that the glass partition has a particularly good daylighting performance, and it can also solve the space. The price is similar to that of the partition wall, but in terms of beauty, the difference is too large. Many companies use glass partitions to achieve particularly good results.

Bar partition collocation trend

1. Shaping the image. The partition is not load-bearing, so there is a lot of freedom in modeling. The design should pay attention to the uniformity of changes in height, length, and virtual reality.

2. Color matching. The partition is a part of the whole room, and the color should be in harmony with the basic part of the room.

3. Material selection and processing. According to the above two principles, we can carefully select and process materials to achieve good image shaping and wonderful color matching. Partition is a non-functional component, so the decorative effect of the material can be put first.