Baroque characteristics

Features of Baroque style 1. Luxurious, both religious and hedonistic;
Features of Baroque style 2. It is a passionate art that emphasizes the rich imagination of the artist;
Features of Baroque style 3. Strong emphasis on movement, movement and change are the soul of Baroque art;
Features of Baroque style 4. Focus on the space and three-dimensionality of the works;
Features of Baroque style 5. It is comprehensive and emphasizes the comprehensive means of art forms, such as the integration of architecture, sculpture, and painting in architecture. In addition, it also absorbs some factors and imaginations in the fields of literature, drama, and music;
Features of Baroque style: strong religious color;
Features of Baroque Style Seven. Most Baroque artists tend to stay away from life and the times. In some Zenith paintings, the image of people becomes insignificant.
Eight characteristics of the Baroque style, its elegance and romance.