Baroque style decoration features

“Baroque” is a European art style, referring to the main art style popular in Europe from the beginning of the 17th century to the first half of the 18th century. The word comes from the Portuguese barroco, which means an irregular pearl. In Italian (BAROCCO) there are explanations of peculiarities, weirdness, and distortion. As the title of an art form, it is an art form that began to appear in Italy in the second half of the 16th century established by classicists in the 16th century, and deviated from the spirit of Renaissance art.
Baroque style decoration features
1. Luxurious, it has both religious characteristics and hedonistic colors.
2. It is a passionate art that emphasizes the rich imagination of the artist.
3. Strong emphasis on movement, movement and change are the soul of Baroque art; at the same time, the Baroque style also has a focus on the spatial and three-dimensional sense of the work, the comprehensive means of emphasizing the art form, the strong religious color, the tendency to be far from life and the times, elegance Romance and other characteristics.
4. The color is rich and colorful, with a variety of decorations, large-area carvings, gold foil veneers, gold-painting treatments.
5. It is characterized by curves and arcs, such as gorgeous broken gables, scroll decorations, portrait columns, deep plaster lines, twisted spinning pieces, flipped sculptures, and highlighting dynamic factors such as fountains and pools.
6. In the treatment and application of colors, although rich, they are reasonable, complement each other and complement each other, and will not produce visual clutter.