Basement bedroom indicators

Environmental indicators:
1. Daylighting: If the basement windows are small, you can create a sinking space outside to increase daylighting, but the cost is higher.
The quality requirements of basement windows are very high, because the underground space is most afraid of water ingress, and the sealing and waterproofing of windows are very important. Low-quality windows will be harmful to the living space after being corroded by sunlight and rain.
2. Ventilation: If you open the window in the semi-basement, it is close to the ground and the room is easy to get dust, so most of the time the basement does not open the windows. In this case, you can install a ventilation fan to make the indoor air and the outside air Exchange each other and bring in more fresh air into the room. In the kitchen, you should use a powerful range hood and use a ventilating fan. In fact, the problem of oily smoke cannot be solved by a ventilating fan. It is best not to often cook food that produces a lot of oily smoke in the kitchen.
3. Moisture-proof: To be on the safe side, it is best to waterproof the ground and walls before moving in. The floor is best not to use wooden floors, bricks are best.
4. Heating and air conditioning: the basement is grounded in summer, which is very shady and cool. However, it is very cold in winter. When heating, the amount of radiator must be more than the space above the ground, and the heating must be stronger than the space above the ground. If you use air conditioning, the power should be higher than the power in the same space on the ground.