Basement living room matching trend

The matching trend of basement living room

1. Use neutral and dim colors

Using neutral and dim colors, with different fabrics and patterns to create an attractive and comfortable space. The line color of the sofa and the pillow keeps the space calm, and the dark coffee table adds depth to the space and enriches the visual effect.

2, elegant space

The elegant space, the warm golden brown and purple create a romantic and noble atmosphere, and the furniture accessories within the budget also reflect the sense of comfort.

3, add fun to the space

Use beautiful accessories to add fun to the space, focusing on the color matching of the space, and you can choose items of the same color to decorate. Bright pillows decorate the sofa, and beautiful round bowls focus attention on the coffee table.

4, the space looks more compact

In order to make the spacious space look more compact, rearranging the position of the chairs and sofas away from the wall can make the room look more tidy. Remember to keep space to move around.