Basement living room style

The style of the basement living room

1. Modern minimalist style: modern, fashionable and modern

Simple, as the name suggests, the overall design embodies a simple and modern style concept. In the simple style, the color of the living room is mostly white, paying attention to details, giving the living room space with life and interest. It can not only meet people’s life style and demand function, but also reflect people’s own taste, cultural background, and cultivation connotation. The design style contains more of the owner’s understanding of life, and also reveals unique cultural connotations.

2. Modern Chinese style: solemn and elegant

Since the new Chinese style living room is decorated in vermilion, magenta, coffee, etc. as the main colors, the new Chinese style living room is particularly solemn. The new Chinese-style living room decoration also has the biggest feature, that is, it is particularly attractive and never tires. The new Chinese style living room combines modern and traditional elements through the understanding of traditional culture, and creates things with traditional charm based on the aesthetic needs of modern people, so that traditional art can be properly embodied in today’s society, and traditional furniture The use of modern living room is more diverse.

3, Southeast Asian style: luxurious and splendid

Most Southeast Asian style living rooms use rattan, seaweed, coconut shells, shells, tree bark, sandstone, etc. to design the living room TV background, exuding a strong natural atmosphere. In terms of color, the Southeast Asian style living room with Chinese style design is dominated by dark colors, such as dark brown, black, etc., which makes people feel calm and atmospheric; while the influence of European style living room design is more common in light colors, pearl, Milky white, etc., giving a soft feeling.

4. Mediterranean style: simple and elegant

Mediterranean style living room represents a very casual lifestyle created by a unique living environment. The living room decorated in this style has a free space layout, bright, bold, rich, but simple. In our common Mediterranean style living room, blue and white are the main colors. It is not simply a stacking of elements such as “blue and white fabric + Mediterranean ornaments + natural texture furniture”, but to truly understand and feel the charm of the Mediterranean style! Only in this way can we fully interpret the exotic beauty of the blue Mediterranean.

5. Rural style: green, simple

Rural style living room often uses natural materials such as wood, stone, rattan, bamboo, fabric, etc., combined with indoor greenery to create a natural and simple rural style living room mood. The rural-style living room can turn the living room space into a “green space” through greening, and the heart is close to nature. Who understands the taste? This is the infinite charm of the rural scenery, and another practical benefit it brings to people is that they don’t need to follow the fashion. Don’t worry about being left behind. The more the society develops, the more people admire nature, so the simple pastoral style will never go out of style.