Basement restaurant lighting settings

Basement restaurant lighting settings

1. Table lamp, as one of the lighting sources in the living room, in addition to the lighting function, a uniquely designed table lamp is a rare piece of art decorating the living room.
2. In the general living room, a wide range of blanks are easily formed at the corners of the sofa and on the side of the case. At this time, if you use a special-shaped and personalized table lamp as an embellishment, the feeling will be very different. At the same time, the living room is also a good place for reading, reading newspapers and resting. Therefore, the table lamp is very necessary in the living room, and the table between the sofas is the best place to place it. Because this can not only take care of both sides, but also fill the corner space left by the sofa to a certain extent.

3. When choosing a table lamp for the living room space, the design style of the entire home should be the most important thing, so that the table lamp becomes a small note of harmonious style. For example, for a living room with a modern minimalist style, when choosing a table lamp, you should prefer those styles with modern materials, such as PVC material with metal base, gauze fabric with crystal glass base. For the European-style living room, you can choose a wooden lamp holder with a magic glass table lamp, or a crystal classic table lamp. Different styles with different table lamps complement each other.

Basement restaurant design trends

The future trend of the restaurant is diversified functions and open structure. The open dining room will become an important place for modern family gatherings and emotional exchanges. In a sense, the dining room shares part of the functions of the living room as a place for emotional communication among family members. The function of the restaurant integrates banqueting guests and friends, leisure and entertainment.
1. The function of the restaurant breaks through the function of simple dining. In a good-room restaurant, in addition to keeping the family dining space, it will also leave a certain amount of space for the occupants to use in the future.

2. A good apartment will take into account the lighting of the restaurant, and the restaurant must maintain good ventilation.

3. The design of the restaurant should adopt the principle of “should be low, not high”. In the design of duplex or villa residences, the restaurant at the bottom is more suitable for people’s living habits.

4. The location of the restaurant should be far away from the door of the bathroom and the door of the bedroom.