Basement study

A basement is a room in a building that is outside the ground. Building a basement below the bottom of the house can improve the efficiency of building land. The foundations of some high-rise buildings are very deep, and making full use of this depth to build basements has excellent economic and use effects. The types of basements are divided by function, there are ordinary basements and air defense basements. According to structural materials, there are brick wall structure and concrete structure basement.

The basement study room can also have entertainment functions. The arrangement of entertainment facilities such as home theater, gymnasium, mini bar, chess and card room and so on will not affect the rest of the family.

The fashion trend of basement study

1. After the decoration, the height of the basement should not be less than 2.5 meters, otherwise it will feel depressed.

2. Pay attention to the lighting problem. Considering this aspect, the basement should be dug with ventilation and lighting openings on both sides of the basement. If the basement has a slope advantage, you can also use the slope advantage to completely open the south side, and install forced exhaust equipment.

3. Technical treatment should be done in terms of waterproof and moisture-proof.

4. The room type should not be too broken. For example, if there are too many columns or walls, it will affect the utilization area of ​​the basement.

5. The function of the basement should be highlighted in the decoration. The basement can be specifically arranged according to your own preferences and personality. Under normal circumstances, the basement can be arranged with studios, home theaters, gymnasiums, mini bars, chess and card rooms, etc. The arrangement of these entertainment facilities in the basement will not affect the rest of the family.