Bathroom decoration design

The important areas in the home decoration are the bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc. The most important thing to pay attention to is the bathroom decoration, because the bathroom decoration is easy to miss. The decoration of the bathroom is not mainly for the beauty of the decoration, but the function is the main consideration.
First of all, the fluidity of the toilet water is relatively large, so that there will be water on the ground from time to time, and then it will be very slippery when there is water. In addition, if the anti-skid effect of some floors is not good, it will easily cause people to fall. If there are elderly and children in the house If they fall, they will be very painful, and they will not be able to work. They must be taken care of at home. This is not good at all, so when laying the floor, you must pay attention to choosing a good anti-skid effect, so that even if there is a little water, it will not be very slippery, and it will ensure the health of the human body. The editor hopes that everyone will not be greedy for temporary cheapness and have more troubles in future life.
  Secondly, the lighting effect of the bathroom is not very good, so we should pay attention to this point. When decorating, add more lights in the bathroom, so that the lighting effect can be well achieved. Some people think that the lamps used in the bathroom must be fashionable and beautiful. In fact, the editor thinks that this is really unnecessary. Just buy some better quality incandescent lamps, which are cheap and achieve the effect of supplementing light.
   Third, the bathroom is relatively dark and damp. You can put some green plants in the bathroom to make it look more vigorous and absorb peculiar smells so that the bathroom will not be so shady. So everyone can put some plants in the bathroom.