Bathroom decoration

First, the bathroom circuit
Safety first The bathroom is relatively humid, so be careful when installing lights and wires. It is better to use lamps and switches with safety protection function. Connectors and pins must not be exposed. It is best to place the switching power supply outside the bathroom to avoid leakage due to humidity.
Second, the top of the bathroom
Moisture-proof cover The toilet is often surrounded by water vapor, so moisture-proof on the top is very important, and it is best to use a pvc gusset with better waterproof performance. The gusset can be installed on the keel and can also cover the pipe.
Third, the bathroom slope
Don’t ignore the floor because the bathroom is a small place. Be sure to lay tiles well. The slope of the bathroom floor should be considered before laying bricks. The slope of the national standard cannot achieve the effect of rapid drainage, and if you use a deodorant floor drain or an ultra-thin floor drain, it will greatly increase the difficulty of drainage. Some people say that the slope is not beautiful, but the slope is larger, the water can quickly run clean is a very comfortable thing.
Fourth, bathroom lighting
If it is bright, the bathroom generally can choose waterproof daylight wall lamp or explosion-proof incandescent chandelier. In terms of illuminance, it is best to be slightly stronger to make up for the lack of natural lighting.
Fifth, bathroom ventilation
An unobstructed bathroom is a relatively closed space, so you should always open the window for ventilation. If the water heater is installed in the bathroom, ventilation becomes even more important. The most common method is to use an exhaust fan.
Sixth, the ground
Water-proof and non-slip toilets often have water on the floor, and it is easy to slip when walking on it. Therefore, it is best to use non-slip floor tiles with raised patterns. This kind of floor tiles not only has good waterproof performance, but also Not too slippery. At the same time, the ground should be slightly inclined to the drain hole to facilitate flushing. In terms of bathroom wall decoration, it is best to use wall tiles matching the floor tiles to make the bathroom decoration unified in a big style.