Bathroom design

Case Teaching 1: The corner design of the open bathroom    room is cleverly installed as an open bathroom, which is clean and generous, but also does not forget to add storage functions to the room. In addition to the embedded design, it is not obtrusive and saves space.
Case teaching 2: Lightweight and transparent bathroom designers use glass doors to divide the dry and wet areas to make the space more transparent and light, and the visual experience is correspondingly widened; the small hanging pictures on the wall blend in and jump the room atmosphere to create romance together Comfortable space.
Case teaching 3: Warm color design. Since the bathroom is a long, narrow and deep line, the bathroom items are mainly wall-mounted; the designer uses design concepts such as color tones and uses warm colors such as beige and coffee to integrate them. Although the space is small, it has all the internal organs. Case teaching 4: Vertical side-by-side design, the area of the bathroom is relatively small, the designer adopted the method of vertical side-by-side design, placing the toilet and sink side by side to make room for the washing machine.


(1) The toilet should not be opened in the southwest or northeast. The bathroom focuses on incoming and outgoing water. The moisture is very heavy. If it is opened in the southwest or northeast, the problem of “turbulent water” will occur. Therefore, it is unlucky, especially the health of the family will be damaged
(2) There are two reasons for the statement that the toilet should not be opened in the center of the house: According to the “Luoshu” record, the central part belongs to “earth”. If the toilet and bathroom are in the center of the house, “turk water” has occurred. Something is wrong, so it’s not good. The center of the house is just like the human heart. It is very important. When the toilet is there, it is unconventional. It is not daring and unsightly, and it is contrary to Feng Shui.
(3) The toilet should not be opened on the side because the southern “fire” is heavy, and it is incompatible with the “water and air” toilets, so it is unlucky.
(4) The toilet should be placed on the bad side, but not on the Kyrgyz side
(5) The place of the toilet should be concealed. Because the toilet is considered to be a relatively unclean and private place, it should not be too eye-catching. The toilet door should not be aligned with the front door. The two are in a straight line. This is not only unsightly, but also against Feng Shui. Feng Shui believes that this will lead to disease, especially malignant tumors. Even if the toilet is not directly facing the door, it should not be located in a conspicuous place.
(6) Baths and toilets should not be changed to bedrooms. Modern cities are cramped and densely populated, and every inch of land is as golden. In order to save space, some families often change one of the baths and toilets into a bedroom in order to squeeze more people, but this violates Feng Shui, strictly speaking, does not conform to environmental hygiene. In terms of Feng Shui, the bathroom is regarded as an unclean place, and it should be opened on the side of the evil to suppress the evil star. Therefore, it is not suitable for the bedroom to be adjacent to the bathroom, not to mention changing the bathroom to sleep. room. In terms of environmental sanitation, it is not suitable, because although the bathroom on my floor was converted into a bedroom, it was not the case upstairs and downstairs. As a result, my bedroom on my floor was sandwiched by the bathroom and toilet on the upper and lower floors. In the middle, it was quite embarrassing. In addition, if sewage leaks from the toilets upstairs, the people sleeping under it will be the first to bear the brunt, which is totally inconsistent with environmental hygiene.