Bay window design principles

The bay window is generally rectangular or trapezoidal and protrudes toward the outside, with glass on three sides. Large pieces of daylighting glass and spacious window sills give people a broader vision and give life a romantic and warm color. Bay window, it is not difficult to tell from the name, is the window floating out. The general bay window can be rectangular or trapezoidal, protruding from indoor to outdoor.

Bay window, in fact, we should often see it, but its name may not be so familiar, then, what is a bay window? Bay window, it is not difficult to tell from the name, is the window floating out. Generally speaking, the bedroom is equipped with bay windows, which can not only enjoy sufficient indoor light, but also enjoy the beautiful outdoor landscape. The bay window of the master bedroom pays more attention to reflecting warmth and tranquility.

The bay window generally has sufficient light. Therefore, the countertop needs to be considered to be resistant to the sun, otherwise it will cause discoloration and deformation; due to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in winter, condensation will appear at the bay window. Avoid deformation of the materials used due to moisture. Du Yuping, the chief designer of Oriental Home, suggested that the countertop should be made of marble or other stone or sauna board, which is waterproof and sun-proof and easy to take care of to avoid the above problems. If you choose a marble countertop, you can match it with some cushions and cushions so that you won’t feel too cold while sitting or lying on it. Yao Yibin suggested that taking into account the dust in Beijing, a sponge pad that can be removed and washed can be placed on the countertop for easy care.

The design of the bay window should also be consistent with the overall decoration style. If the interior is in a rural style and the window sill is wide, you can consider wrapping the window sill to the ground with a sauna board or waterproof floor, so that the window sill, window cover and ground Keep the overall style consistent, and then put some brightly colored sofa cushions on it, the effect is better.

The pastoral style can also be embellished with green plants or flowers. If it is a neo-classical style, you can place a casual chair at the French bay window, with a few backing bags and a fur carpet.