Bay window style

Bay window 1, landscape type
Between the sky and the earth: The arc-shaped large bay window with 270° landscape is generally used to help the owner locate in the architectural design. Generally, a full-floor design is adopted. This design generally has the bay window facing the garden view or the river view, so there is no need to make any changes in the interior design, just a little bit of work in the layout.
If the interior design is European style, it is enough to place a short chaise longue next to the window and a round table of the same style next to the chaise longue.
If the interior design is simple and fashionable, just put a small round table and two small chairs in the same style. More simply, put two soft futons on both sides, with a fruit board in the middle, that is, when you live alone, you can have a daze with your back against the wall; if you have close friends, you can chat or play while watching the scenery.

In a TV series starring Du Zhiguo, there was once such a scene repeatedly: in front of the arc-shaped floor-to-ceiling window, an astronomical telescope was set up to view the vast galaxy at night. If you also like astronomy, you might as well try.
2. Dreamy
Emotional Garden of Eden: If the owner is a girl, who happens to be a girl who likes to dream, and the view from the large bay window in the bedroom is not good, it must be remodeled. Big girls or women can also be transformed in this way. It is said that women are born to dream. Even some strong women with successful careers often imagine sweet love when they are alone in the dead of night.
The bay window must be big enough, reaching 2 meters long, nearly 1 meter wide, and the room is relatively small, so it is suitable to design the bay window as a small single bed. Little girls usually hang pink or floral cotton curtains on the bay window, keep the original marble countertop and lay the mattress, and then put a few of their favorite floral pillows and cartoon cloth plush toys to change the bay window directly. Become a couch. More mature women prefer purple, put a few cute pillows, a fragrance lamp, a mini stereo, and occasionally close your eyes to listen to music in your free time, and hug the velvet doll lazily I spent an afternoon in the nest, recalling the past and imagining the future, maybe I could find the feeling of first love.
You can also match the bay window with a set of beautiful cabinets, or a delicate dressing table, collecting all the beautiful weapons that can make people radiant. After stealing a half-day idleness, clean up and fight reality again.
3. Leisure type
Good place for entertainment: People who like to drink tea can design a tea room.
First buy a thin fabric cushion according to the size of the window sill, and then buy some square pillows of the same color as the backrest, and finally put a small Japanese-style coffee table in the middle, and a small tea room is completed. With friends coming from afar, the two sit and enjoy tea and talk together, and the heavy life seems rare and easy.
Put a treadmill, or a rocking chair, and a small tea table next to it, it is a small space integrating exercise and leisure. Two days ago, I saw a small tea table carved with a chess board at the Fangcun Tea Market. It is not expensive and is very suitable to be placed here. You can have tea, play chess and chat with friends in your free time.
4. Functional
Super storage cabinet: If the bay window is not large and the window sill is higher than the ground, it is most suitable to transform into a functional space. For example, if the height of the bay window is exactly the same as the height of the bed, the bed can be placed next to the bay window, and the bay window becomes a bedside table. If you want to expand the storage space, you can design a row of small cabinets under the bay window. If you don’t want to put the bed close to the window, you can use the bay window as a small storage cabinet or dressing table.

On the floating window sill, a desk top with a height of 20~40 cm is customized, which not only saves the table legs, but also saves materials, and “steals” unexpected space. If you divide it into several drawers, it can hold a lot of odds and ends. In this way, a beautiful, clean and spacious study room was born. Of course, in order for the guys who must use electricity, such as computers and desk lamps, do not need to cross the room to connect to the electricity, remember that the wiring must be buried in this location in advance when decorating.