Bedroom background wall design principles

Bedroom background wall The bedroom is the most warm and romantic place in the home. A stylish and simple bedroom background wall can add the finishing touch to the entire room. The bedroom background wall is the highlight of the bedroom design. In the design, the basic principles of the beauty of elements such as points, lines, and surfaces are used to make the shape harmonious and unified and full of change. Sleek leather, soft wall coverings, delicate beech wood, pine wood back to nature, and tender curtains, etc., make the bedroom background walls rich and varied.
In the choice of bedroom background wall color, harmony and elegance are appropriate. Partial primary colors should be matched carefully. Steady colors are more popular. For example, green is lively and full of vigor, pink is cheerful and feminine, blue is cool and romantic, gray or brown is elegant and elegant, and yellow is warm and warm. atmosphere. If you want the bedroom to take the elegant route, you must abandon the gorgeous colors, and slightly grayish colors such as gray blue and gray purple are the first choices. For example, the gray and white flower wallpaper can interpret the elegant style to the extreme.
The bedroom background wall design does not have to be so rich and luxurious, the simple flower background wall makes people feel warm. Portraits or landscape photos seem a bit outdated, a simple but mysterious abstract geometric painting can make your bedroom look full of artistic temperament. There is no need for ink and landscape painting in a Chinese-style bedroom. A poem written in black and white is the best decoration, so pure and elegant. For the romantic group, you can use curvy iron ornaments. Simply hang it, and the wall will immediately become charming and unforgettable.
In addition, the multi-angle lighting setting of the bedside background wall should be based on warm yellow. A downlight or wall lamp can be embedded above the bed to make the room more romantic and warm.