Bedroom background wall style

Bedroom background wall 1. Environmental protection theme: focus on environmental protection, highlighting green, healthy, and natural in material selection, layout design, and small decorations and embellishments, designing the home as a breathable ecosystem, allowing people to At home, you can experience the deep feeling of being in nature.
2. Warmth theme: choose warm colors as the main decoration, and pay attention to details to create a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, so that people who live can enjoy the warm feeling like sunshine.
3. Simple theme: black and white and the intermediate color of the two are the main colors, and the design advocates simplicity, making the house appear smooth and wide. Matching with few but refined furniture selections of the same color can better reflect the homeowner’s fashion pursuit, especially the living room.
4. Retro theme: Based on the traditional Chinese style, the designer’s meticulous transformation in the details makes the overall effect more implicit and changeable, so that the traditional style no longer appears dull, and reflects the homeowner’s unique cultural accomplishment in nostalgia. grade. To set off the choice of traditional furniture and the creation of traditional cultural atmosphere.
5. Audio-visual theme: With movies and music as the theme, it meets the requirements of the homeowner’s pursuit of audio-visual enjoyment, highlights the audio-visual function of the living room, uses acoustic principles in the decoration, absorbs noise, and emphasizes pure sound effects. Especially highlight the TV theme wall, which can be decorated in various styles according to the homeowner’s personality and hobbies. This theme emphasizes the perfect combination of hearing and vision.