Bedroom ceiling design method

The suspended ceiling in the bedroom is a design focus in the interior design. The bedroom is the most private space in the living room. It is a world temporarily separated from the outside world and has a considerable degree of privacy. The warm and natural color scheme conveys a lively and peaceful atmosphere in this bedroom.

Method 1: Make ceilings around the bedroom, without ceilings in the middle. This kind of ceiling can be formed by wood plywood, designed into various shapes, and equipped with spotlights or downlights, and new ceiling lights are allocated in the middle part of the ceiling. This will visually increase the height of the space, which is more suitable for large-space living rooms.

Method 2: Make the ceiling around the bedroom thick, and make the middle part thin, so as to form two obvious levels. This approach should pay special attention to the shape design of the surrounding ceiling. You can also add your own ideas and preferences in the design process, so that the ceiling can be designed in different styles with modern or traditional flavors.

Method 3: Use plaster around the ceiling of the bedroom for modeling. Gypsum can be made into various geometric patterns, or carved into various patterns of flowers, birds, insects, and fish. It has the characteristics of low price and simple construction. Therefore, it is a good method to apply to the ceiling of the bedroom, as long as its decorative effect Coordinating with the decoration style of the room can achieve a good overall effect.

Method 4: If your bedroom has ample space, then you have a lot of leeway when choosing a ceiling. You can choose various forms such as glass fiberboard ceiling, plywood ceiling, plywood ceiling, plaster sound-absorbing ceiling, etc. These ceilings are not only beautiful in shape, but also have the function of reducing noise, which is your ideal choice.