Bedroom decoration

1. When it comes to girls’ bedrooms, the pink color must not be left, but this small pink bedroom is more special, with a thicker dark blue, which is in sharp contrast with the light pink, while the dark blue bottom pink tree Wallpaper, so that the two finally made a perfect fusion. Offbeat and fresh, lie down on the four-poster bed and have a nice sleep.
2. The sweetness produced by the pink blue is no less than the pink, and the white bedding is exquisitely wrapped, releasing a fresh and delicate feeling. The simple blue corrugated wallpaper at the head of the bed penetrates blue and white, and the whole bedroom is filled with pure and clear beauty.
3. An excellent bedroom decoration should be exquisite in color matching. Exquisiteness is not only about the harmony of color matching, but also the most important thing to express the desired effect and style through color. The combination of purple and yellow in the case blends romantic colors with warm colors, creating a pleasant dream atmosphere. The bamboo blinds used by the windows further bring nature and freshness to the small bedroom.
4. Orange has the magic of warmth like sunlight. The soft orange used in curtains and bedding warms the whole bedroom, and only plain nude or khaki can be matched with it. And the careful thinking in the bedroom is yet to be discovered: the plant embroidered bag on the bed and the potted plant on the bedside complement each other, embellishing virtual and real.
5. The most eye-catching thing in the bedroom is undoubtedly the blue plaid blanket at the end of the bed and the tapped flower background wall, both of which have established the rural style effect of the entire bedroom very well. The space uses blue as the main color, with a little green blending with nature, plus other white fabrics and excellent floor-to-ceiling windows for lighting, making the small bedroom bright and fresh.